Adventures in Design and the Science of Branding

Desk No. 63 elaborates and advises on product design and identity. We acquire knowledge not only about a Brand and its products, but also about the peripheral factors surrounding them. Desk No. 63 is a small, agile office that treasures a close and highly confidential relationship with its clients, that gives you a different option of working with your design and proceses and me a new approach to serve the design industry.


I have always striven to enable my clients to transform their culture and design organizations in such a way that innovation becomes routine.

Design strategy should bring clarity to an organization

I believe it should be a signpost for showing people where you are taking them. In order to really raise innovative productivity throughout your entire organization, you have to increase the amount of design thinking inside your organization.



Unfortunately, many people continue to think of design in very narrow terms

People need to have a visceral understanding — an image in their minds — of why you have chosen a certain strategy and what you are attempting to create with it. Design is ideally suited to this endeavor. It cannot help but create tangible, real outcomes. Design is pictorial, design describes the world in a way that is not open to many interpretations. Designers, by making a product, a prototype, a scenario, can help people emotionally experience the thing that the strategy seeks to describe. Desk No. 63 can help with all of this, turning ideas into business.


 We look forward to helping with all your design and branding issues